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Looking for exceptional Boynton Beach Physical Therapy and Pompano Beach Physical Therapy? Look no further. Devoted Physical Therapy offers personalized care with your health goals as our top priority.

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Devoted Physical Therapy provides quality hands-on physical therapy in Boynton Beach and Pompano Beach, Florida. We are devoted to our client’s wellness during their plan of care and beyond.

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We treat a variety of conditions including joint pain, balance, vertigo and post surgical. We are patient goal oriented and take an individualized approach to your care.

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We are not your typical run-of-the-mill physical therapy clinic. We tailor each plan of care to the specific individual. We are here to help you "Achieve Peace of Mind." Flexible appointment times.

Locally Owned And Operated. Serving The South Florida Community.

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Marvin Heidenrich
Marvin Heidenrich
Therapy with Daniel has introduced exercises that I've never done before and I am getting better at. I'm not afraid to pick things up off the floor anymore and my walking and legs are stronger. I can do things much better now.
Dolph Chianchiano
Dolph Chianchiano
My strength, balance and mobility have greatly improved since working with Daniel. He is patient, professional, considerate and courteous. He explains thoroughly how to perform the exercises and why. Thanks, Daniel, and thanks Devoted PT!
Anita Liebowitz
Anita Liebowitz
I am grateful for everything Daniel has told me and he is very knowledgeable. My balance and walking has greatly improved. I highly recommend him, thank you!
Lu Bassion
Lu Bassion
Daniel has been an excellent therapist, very knowledgeable in Physical Therapy and very patient. I see that I have progressed significantly under his care.
Vickie Kaminer
Vickie Kaminer
Daniel Navarrete is very knowledgeable with the exercises I need, my balance and walking has greatly improved. Thank you so much!
Susan Kagan
Susan Kagan
I’m searching for words to say how extraordinary Steven has been. I have gained strength and tossed that cane. Steven has explained to me everything that is going on with my body so I am able to stretch what I need to with in the parameters of my daily activities. Steven will be a hard act to follow and I recommend him as a human being who is caring and gentle as well as an educated and communicative physical therapist. Oh and by the way he has his doctorate in physical therapy. If I could give 50 stars Instead of five I would!
Barnett Brenin
Barnett Brenin
My walking and mobility has definitely improved with the help of Daniel Navarrete, it was a very meaningful experience working with him. Thanks!
John Jamieson
John Jamieson
I was referred to Devoted Physical Therapy three months ago for assistance with Parkinson's Disease symptoms. I am very pleased with the care I've received from the business and the owners Steven and Victor. In addition, I have been very appreciative of the quality of my care and treatment while under the direct care of Daniel Navarrete PTA. I've been in the health care profession for more than 30 years and can clearly see the skill and dedication Daniel brings to all of his clients. The quality of his care and dedication is noteworthy. Thank you very much for your patience. Daniel gave me the opportunity to not let my perfectionism get in the way of progress. Thank you John
Margaret Zabal
Margaret Zabal
Therapy with Daniel has made my balance better and walking better. The burning sensation I had on my legs is better, I enjoyed treatment very much.

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Experience short wait times. The initial visit can usually be completed within 72 hours of scheduling.

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Therapy sessions are completed at your home, work or clinic. You will work with the same therapist for all treatments.

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We strive to meet YOUR goals. Join the growing client graduate family who have “Achieved Peace of Mind” with DPT.

Devoted Blog

Having pain while completing hand exercises? Try this!

It is often hard to complete hand exercises if you are experiencing pain from arthritis. Possible inflammation and rough joint surfaces can make movement irritable at times.

There is hope to strengthen the hand without causing pain! Isometric exercises can be an effective way to strengthen disused muscles because of pain with movement. Overtime you can progress to moving weight through a range of motion!

For all the isometric exercises, hold for 5-8 seconds and complete 5-8 reps for 2 sets. Let pain be your judge on how hard you should push and how long. Try to work at a relatively pain free intensity.

If this helps you, save or share for future use!

Feel free to message or contact us about any questions you might have.

All content on this page demonstrates general exercises not intended for a specific individual or to serve as medical/clinical advice.

Feeling Stiff? Try this warm up!

Here is a set of spinal mobility movements that help with stiffness. All movements should be performed slow and in pain free range.


This is also at great way to isolate spinal rotation for activity specific warm-up, such as golf or throwing sports that involve rotation.


If this helps you, save or share for future use!


Feel free to message, comment about any questions you might have.


All content on this page demonstrates general exercises not intended for a specific individual or to serve as medical/clinical advice.

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